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Hike in the middle of awesome experienice

Sometimes the simplest things bring the greatest joy! Anyone who enjoys hikes and being outdoors knows what I am talking about!

Today I was invited on a 3-4 mile hike at a nearby preservation area. I knew the hike leaders quite well (very nice couple!) and the place wasn’t too far from me (I still managed to get a speeding ticket because I was lost getting there and was afraid they would leave on the hike without me!) I decided to go.

I am glad I went. Although the place was covered with snow, my hiking boots had bad laces and I got lost getting there, it was so worth be outside, see beauty just in our neighborhood, learn about new plants, birds and so many other things (including how deer poop looks like!)..I took quite a few pictures on my take a look and I hope you feel inspired enough to plan on doing some hiking in your own neighborhood..Do share back here on your experiences.

#sierraclubhikes, #winterhikes, #njhikes, #princetonhikes

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