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January 1st 2010- my first blog for the year; but shows up as the last..

Happy New Year World and my invisible readers!

I am a firm believer in new year’s resolutions. This years has a few recycled ones as well as few to do with recycle. I am off to a good start having created a blog site which was one of my new year’s resolutions.I am going to use my blog to cover all topics of interest such as:

1. Environmentalism including sub-topics like climate change, local and national efforts in helping improve the situation, e-waste, recycling etc.

2. Sustainability- this is a little wider and can cover topics like better buildings, buying habits, eco-tourism, CSR etc.

3. Food policy and food crisis-I got interested in this after taking an NYU course related to our global food situation and its accompanying problems. These include monopolistic agribusinesses, obesity, food quality, agricultural practices (both in urban and rural areas) etc.

4. I would also like to share my passions in Indian classical dance, Photography, Travel and good books.

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Gauri Jain
Gauri Jain
Jun 01, 2018

way to go girl!

i’m still hung up on my resolutions from the year before, thus didnt make any this new year.

and must say…very very pretty pic!


Tamanna Mohapatra
Tamanna Mohapatra
May 31, 2018

from Debashis:(

superb ! u r a good blogger. sweet, simple n focussed. keep it up. i’ll be reading

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