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Book review: “The New Health Rules” By Frank Lipman, M.D. & Danielle Claro (part 4-Healing)

This section covers overall life changes to make for a healthier existence.


  1. Meditation is worth it-use it anywhere, anytime, to rest, relax and restart.

  2. Stop complaining-find a silver lining or focus on something you are grateful for.

  3. Do something you love for at least 10 minutes a day- reading, writing, browsing, sketching. Do it on purpose, like taking a supplement.

  4. Make water your default beverage

  5. Wander barefoot. Just as we get vitamin D from the sun we get electrons from the earth, which have a positive effect on the whole body.

  6. Take a vacation from screens-think of it as a cleansing for the mind.

  7. Honor thy feet, they are the command center of the body.

  8. Take food sensitivities seriously. For two weeks cut out and then reintroduce

    • gluten (pasta, bread)

    • dairy

    • corn

    • sugar

Consider a dietary detox to get rid of the feeling of bloat, congestion, aches, and exhaustion. Take a detox supplement that includes antimicrobial and anti parasitic herbs like

  • black walnut hull,

  • bernerine

  • milk thistle

  • dandelion

  • grapefruit seed extract

  • wormwood

  • bearberry

  • quercetin

  • Drop: sugar, wheat, alcohol, dairy, caffeine, soy, corn, fried foods, packaged foods

Do this for two weeks twice a year. You will feel amazing.

10. A juice fast is not a detox. When juicing make sure to juice mostly green vegetables, not fruits as they contain a lot of sugar.

11. Music can work like meditation.

12. Link with the sun, find a time in the day where you can be exposed to natural light for at least half hour.

13. Lighten your shoulder’s load. Slouched shoulders are bad for healthy and very unsexy.

14. Be unproductive. Sometimes the organ that needs the most care and restoration is the brain.

15. Start getting ready for bed an hour early. Get enough sleep.

16. Do something besides work and play. Don’t have time? Commit. You will figure it out.

17. Cultivate kindness. Give an ear, give a compliment.

18. Let it go. We naturally replay situations in our head, especially when something has gone wrong. But that’s not the best use of your time.

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