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The much heard of 3Rs

So what are they? The old ones used to be read, write (pronounced rite) and arithmetic (you get how it’s the third R :-) The new ones are reuse, recycle and reduce. Of course, my blog being named what it is, this topic focuses on the former.

Of the three, I think the most important is reduce. This means buying less, using less and thus causing reduced pollution, waste everything. But, many economists (and business owners!) would think this is not good if people buy less. So let’s look at the other two..I guess the next best is reuse. This would involve buying gently used or as bmw advertises ‘pre-loved’ articles; be it cars, phones, laptops or clothes.

That leaves us with recycle..although not the ideal solution, it’s equally important; especially once you learn about e-waste, impact on soil and therefore food etc. Below is a list of new year resolutions someone shared with me..Most have links to learn and do more based on individual interests..carpe diem!

1. Install solar hot water system.(EERE Consumers Guide)

2. Learn about canning and food storage, (The Mormons have this down! Check out this (food storage calculator)and follow any sites they direct you.)

3. Put up clothesline, (

4. Plant edible plants, (Las Pilitas Nursery)

5. Bike rides for errands, (this is a really cool site)

6. Start composting, (A Compost Guide)

7. Install barrel to collect rain water, check this out.

8. Plant fruit trees, (For the impatient:

For the really Committed:

  • Reduce personal trash by 90 percent or more, (Check out my friend Beth Terry who’s been tracking her plastic use for over a year… she has lots of ideas on how to reduce your trash production.)

  • Go car-less, (Well, here’s one way to look at it)

And personally, my New Years resolution for 2009… be as thrifty as possible, get debt free and barter! (Why? The less we depend on money for our well being, the less we’re impacted by the economic downturn. Check out “complementary community currencies”.)

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Tamanna Mohapatra
Tamanna Mohapatra
29 may 2018

I got this great link from basisgear who requested I share it here

Me gusta
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