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A day spent in Hell’s Kitchen followed by cupcakes in Washington

I am pretty sure most people reading this know what I am talking about. Hell’s Kitchen is this area in NYC (9th ave, 40s) was famous in the past for not such great things, but now, with it’s proximity to midtown, it’s one of the more well known and hipper places to be. We went to visit the all year round flea market. It was more than amazing, it was a world in itself. I felt like we had left NYC and entered this other quaint and very colorful universe. Open spaces, tall buildings, all kinds of finds. My only regret is I didn’t have enough cash and most things there were cash only.

Lock with Nataraja on front

After feasting our ears, eyes and stomachs in this kitchen, we went all the way down to NY University area, adorned by this beautiful white structure- Washington Square. An artist there was making colorful sand murals that looked so intricate and glorious…I have a deep deep respect for any and all kinds of artists. Just image how dull our world would be without paintings, music, dance or sculptures..A true star trek world; good to view but not to live in I am sure!

Colored sand mural

From there we went and stood patiently in line at Magnolia Bakery..a very cute and extremely popular NYC bakery. I was getting impatient as I had very stupidly bought tickets to a movie (a must must watch- Secret of the Kells) at a theatre 20 mins walk from the bakery and here we were standing in line just to be a part of this experience..(not to mention my friend would rather we skip the movie than the cupcakes :-)) I am glad to report it was quite worth the wait, but I have heard even better things about their banana pudding. Maybe when I have an hour to waste in line…

All in all, NYC lived up to it’s reputations of just weaving a day out of simple pleasures for you without much planning involved. I would recommend doing that once in a while; just go with the flow; don’t plan too much..

lemon cupcake..yum!

Here’s a link to all the pictures from the trip, to see and get inspired. I am happy to report one friend visited Hell’s Kitchen the next weekend inspired by my story and pictures. Link to Flickr

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