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A trip to Kerala; God’s own country

Last year I took my mother to visit one of my dream destinations..and it was everything I expected and more!

You may have concluded or will pretty soon after meeting me that I am an outdoor person and green is my favorite color! I was super excited to visit this place in India which is different shades of green and has the best fish dishes ever! It helps that people are also very friendly and laid back. The only thing I had to complain about was the was unbelievably hot and humid!

Besides the enchanting beauty of this place, what I liked about my trip was how refreshing it was for me and my mother. It’s so important and memorable to spend time outside home with family. Vacations really rejuvenate us. We enjoyed just taking boat rides, watching the sunset, drinking tea in cozy shacks and being together..good stuff and great memories.

I created a travel journal on my trip and have it available on Yahoo Travels. Here’s the link: 5 Day trip to Kerala. Unfortunately this site is no longer active.

Instead, please enjoy Kerala through my photographs.

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