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Book review: The Miracle by Michael Schuman

This book came to me through recommended reading for a NYU course on East Asian and Latin American economy success stories. It’s an amazing book and very inspiring at many levels. It’s hard to believe what so many statesman have gone through in life to reach their position of success and highly deserved status. The book is written in a very readable manner, maybe how more text books should be designed. You remember more if it’s told to you in story format.

Every chapter I would read would become my favorite. I don’t remember the name of many of the Asian leaders but I do remember the courage they faced life with. The Chinese CEO of Lenovo who once was amazed at the cookies offered at IBM’s partner summit, in 20 years ended up buying IBM’s PC business. His roots included standing in paddy fields unending hours for 2 years at a stretch and working in total silence for many years after that at a govt. run science firm.

Here are some of the delicious chapter names: The early days of Superman (about Taiwan), Mr. Thunder’s American dream (about Honda company), every street is paved with Debt (about Daewoo’s demise), The man with the blue turban (about India), A tale of duck eggs and dragon dreams (about Hong Kong) and my favorite: An unexpected journey from shortening to Software (about India’s IT growth)!

Please rent, buy or borrow and devour with pleasure!

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