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Book review: “The New Health Rules” By Frank Lipman, M.D. & Danielle Claro (part 5-Living)

And finally, the last section on making life for more enjoyable and getting the most out of it!

I hope you enjoyed this 5 part book review!


Clean your tap water. Chlorine and Fluoride added to sterilize tap water are bad for the hormonal system. Use a carbon filtration system sic as Aqausana’s or natural charcoal sticks. If possible, install a filter for your shower too.

Use healthy pots and pans.

  • Copper and Aluminium can leach into food.

  • Teflon pans contains bad chemicals.

  • Never microwave plastic, use glass instead.

  • Stainless steel glass bottles are better, especially in summer.

Don’t buy soap brands that contain:

  • Triclosan

  • Quaternium-15

-Check body lotion labels and don’t buy if it contains compound chemicals.

-Keep chlorine out of the house from cleaning products.

-Wash the air by keeping indoor plants (such as eucalyptus). Open windows when possible.

-Green your cleaners one by one.

-Natural toothpaste is not always natural.

-Switch from mineral body oil to coconut body/hair oil.

-Work standing up. Stand up desks are the wave of the future.

-Make a healthy bed. Unbleached cotton, organic mattress cover.

Use color for mood manipulation:

  • red is energizing

  • lavender encourages contemplation

  • blue brings calm

  • light green makes you hopeful

  • orange makes you happy

Clutter is the junk food of the home. Donate, organize, buy less.

Soothe your surroundings.  Curves are soothing, fix or toss broken items

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