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Finding my nonexistential inner creativity..oh there it is!

The title of this blog is my attempt at being creative; a very honest yet lame attempt :-(

It all started when I visited the Japan society of NY’s exhibit titled: Silver Wind: The Arts of Sakai Hōitsu (1761-1828). Every time I visit a museum in the city, I feel so grateful to be  a part of this wonderful city that allows me to travel in a cab/subway ride’s time to far corners of the world and across time to places such as ancient Edo and Kyoto and see stunning pieces of art like this exhibition.

At the same time, I also feel so sad at a. not having produced any such master pieces and b. just learning that there’s so much to see and learn about both our present and past worlds! And I end up telling myself; “you are so uncreative, get to work missy!”.

So here’s what I decided; if I can’t paint like the great Hoitsui, I can at least learn a little bit about him and his contemporaries. And share the same. Many of you may have seen his famous work of art called morning glories.

Here are a few more stolen ones from the art exhibition (yes, you read right..stolen, as in: not allowed but still taken!)

A contemporary of Hoitsu was the famous Hokusai; most Japanese restaurants have his renowned ‘the wave’ painting hanging in some corner of the shop..look for it next time.

I got thinking..are they really that famous if we haven’t heard about them or are we just so culturally dumb? I guess learning about them and enjoying their art at some age beats not learning about them at all..

I noticed there’s a lot of influence of nature in Japanese art work and especially the grandness of nature as represented in waves, seasons, the sun. They were also very typical of Japan; reflecting peaceful, tranquil settings and just the right amount of color and emotions; not too bright, not too dull. A true visual treat.

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