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Harlem Walking Tour 2012

Updated: May 8, 2018

Hurricane Sandy has done me a favor by keeping me at home and allowing to work on my ‘to do list’ which includes uploading pics from various past activities and blogging on them as a means of sharing my experiences with all my friends and family.

So this tour I went on was part of a green tour which meant you walk and take public transport instead of going on a bus or cab I guess! Walking is so prevalent in NYC you forget there are other means of transport too. It was a very nice day for a walk and I really enjoyed the fast paced walk (Mostly because our guide was super fast and always 2 blocks ahead and I was as usual clicking away and always left behind!)

I learnt a lot about this neighborhood which till a few years ago wasn’t considered very safe but now is buzzing with tourists, great restaurants and as the guide mentioned; a sure sign of being a high-end neighborhood: quite a few Starbucks! :-))

Some of the highlights of the trip were:

  • a visit to Hamilton’s Grange; the Harlem home of the first US treasury secretary; Alexander Hamilton.

  • Abyssinian Baptist Church; famous for both its gospel choir as well as the pastor; Rev Butts. They say the lines on sunday stretch all around the building. I could guess by the number of police cars that were helping navigate the church goers parking situation.

  • Lenox lounge- its history and fame includes hosting many famous jazz musicians including Miles Davis, and John Coltrane. I have recently started listening to jazz and really do enjoy the deep tones and clear voices

  • Harlem market- since Harlem has a large african american population with a lot of them still connecting to their motherland by way of selling crafts from there; we got to visit and shop in this unique one of a kind marketplace.

  • Make my cake- nothing historic about it but plenty yummy and rich cakes..a must visit for a sweet tooth person!

  • Fredrick Douglas statue in central park- a lincoln contemporary but amazing personality and politician in his own right. He’s known for  helping lead the anti-slavery movement and related writing.

  • and last but not least the world-famous: Apollo theatre- this is where the likes of Michael Jackson started their glitzy careers; a little stardust in Harlem!

You can see all the pics at:

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