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Hello from South Carolina

I am spending my MLK long weekend visiting friends at South Carolina..the trip was made in honor of my best friend’s mom who’s recovering from surgery.

My best friend’s elder sister’s going to have a baby in about 10 you can imagine how tiring the situation at home is..and they have us two to help!!

We visited the hospital to pick up my aunt and I noticed how they don’t recycle anything at the hospital; no plastic food containers, bags, water bottles etc.

At home because my friend’s sister is well above her neck trying to take care of a sick mom and herself, they don’t have the energy to think of reusing bags, making one trip, buying after thinking about the environmental impact etc.

That made me think that to make a big change, we have to think big and make change easy to adapt to. When people have so many other things to think about and juggle, sustainable efforts will take a back burner unless they are well integrated and easy to adapt.

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