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Last museum of 2011- Morgan library & museum

NYC is so great; almost all avenues has a beautiful museum tucked away somewhere. This one I had to visit before end of the year because they had a special exhibition that was getting over on Dec 31st. It was a set of drawings by a few french artists such as Eugene Delacroix. They were artists who thrived during the French Revolution of 1789 through the reign of King Louis-Philippe. The drawings are by such noted artists as David, Prud’hon, Ingres, Géricault, Delacroix, and Corot. It was interesting to note that most drawings are first many drawings and then they take the shape of a single painting. Also, another new concept was that many of them drew animals; both live and dead and enjoyed that.

Coming back to the museum; it’s the former house of the America’s renowned financier: J.P. Morgan. It’s a beautiful building with plenty of sunlight and open-ness. They have an interesting introductory video which I never got to see; but got a free pass to visit again; something which I am looking forward to. The museum on Madison avenue has a gallery space, performance hall, cafe, restaurant and a very nice gift shop. It houses more than 300 of the Morgan’s most treasured objects.

They host movies, gallery talks, concerts and so many interesting exhibits..including an exhibition on works of Charles Dickens if anyone is interested in seeing that..come on over to NYC to visit the Morgan museum and library..

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