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Museums of NY- 1st in a long queue..

I live in NYC now. It’s a wonderful city and if you haven’t seen the rest of the world or have no desire to do so..this city can really grow on you.

Hopefully I will still love travel and visiting places all around the globe but as long as this is home, I decided to undertake an extensive but fun project. I decided I’ll visit all the museums of NY (one a weekend)..big, small, famous,  not so famous.

Today was the first of them. Though not selected in any order, it was kind of appropriate to start with the museum of the city of NY. It’s not a very large museum and is quite aside from most places. It took me 20 mins cab ride to get there and 30 mins (frustrating due to traffic) to get back. The building itself is very impressive but the most stunning fact was that it faces a very green part of central park that was just blazing with fall colors. Overall it was worth it.

They had an amazing exhibition of the architect: Kevin Roche. I didn’t realize he’s responsible for many of NY’s iconic buildings although not all the famous ones. For example, his firm designed the met museum, UN and UNICEF buildings and the central park zoo. His designs are very creative and look to nature for much inspiration. He’s done international work as well. If you want to feel the awe of his work, do visit the Ford Foundation offices.

The other unusual exhibition was of a celebrity photographer (pun intended): Cecil Beaton. Another #NewYorker I had never heard of. He had done a lot of great work with artists from all eras and stages; both live on stage and onscreen artists.

The thought that occurred to me while leaving is there is so much to achieve in one’s life time and passion plays such an important role in getting us there. But what’s more necessary is the inner drive to continue on your path no matter what obstacles come up. And lastly, we would not have progressed much as a race without art in it. It really balances us and makes us what we are: social animals of the highest order.

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