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NY Historical Society- Xmas 2011 visit

I had read about the newly renovated NY Historical Society in the WSJ. This line is what inspired me to visit it as part of my NY museum tour. “An enlarged entrance and new windows (expertly harmonized with the original facade) open the building to the park and flood it with light. Just inside the entrance, a clear-glass barrier, necessary to control atmospheric conditions, allows one to instantly see the wide expanse of the renovated interior.’

I didn’t realize it’s located right opposite AMNH (American museum of natural history) and is the oldest museum in New York City..It’s a great location and a beautiful 4 storied museum. They had a special multimedia show on NYC. It was quite nice. As quoted in the WSJ: New-York Historical Society—part art museum, part school, part major research center, part changing exhibition gallery—which is dedicated to promoting knowledge of New York’s turbulent past and its rightful, if too often neglected, place in U.S. and world history.

We saw a great Tiffany lamp collection, all hand-made and also learnt that NYHS is responsible for introducing the concept of Santa Claus. Definitely worth a visit.

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