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Parades of NYC

For those of us who visit NYC as tourists, parades are one of the most delightful ways of experiencing the city. For those who live here and God Forbid have to cross avenues (also known as #goingcrosstown, #crosstown)..God Forbid and God Help.

It's a nightmare and very stressful. Even cabbies don't like to be at the driving end of it despite significantly higher fare because you are so long stalled in traffic.

With the weather improving, it's now parade season. When I used to be a tourist in NYC (before I ended up having a #lovehate relationship with the city as a #nycresident), I used to love come into the city to click away and try my hand at #streetphotography and #cityphotography by shooting pictures of the parades.

That's what I want to chat about today. My most memorable #nycparades.

Today is 3/16 and I think we are having the #stpatricksdayparade. I don't know for sure because like all sane Newyorkers I am staying put at home and avoiding the #beerdrinkers as well as the huge throngs of #paradetourists. Needless to say, I used to be a part of that "throng" in days bygone.

Here's a link to learn more about this green parade.

The next major one that comes up is the easter parade. This is a much smaller affair and quite nice. Folks line up in very pretty, some not so pretty and some outrightly bizarre hats for the bonnet festival. The two times I have attended it, I have really enjoyed it. Here are some pics I took of it.

Everyone knows NYC for the traditional Thanksgiving parade. After having attended it one year, I did not enjoy the experience and would not dare to repeat it. It was a nightmare getting into it and out of it. And this was pre-instagram and social media days when people actually wanted to see the parade not photograph it just for their feeds. The crowd I can safely imagine is way way larger now. #thanksgivingparade, #macysparade, #macysnycparade.

Some other notable ones are the #gayprideparade- always equally fun and equally rowdy. Then there's #halloweendayparade; where every adult newyorker is raving to let out the kid in them.

I personally, have started seeking out the lesser known but equally fun and beautiful such as the sikh day parade (#sikhdayparade), which I attended and the caribbean day parade which I hope to attend this year. #fingerscrossed.

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