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Random thoughts on Sustainability- From last years Farm to Fork event

Looking for a job in the field of science?- try; not an accurate name but it does seem to have some interesting listings.

Looking for a sustainable place to stay at when visiting the Hamptons in NY? -try

One of the talks mentioned good design companies. Check out Ideo and Doberman Design

Yet another cooking/recipe blog site. Maybe they are different, who knows! Check out Honest Cooking here

Learnt an old concept: Carbon Sink

According to wikipedia: A carbon sink is a natural or artificial reservoir that accumulates and stores some carbon. In the process,  carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed from the atmosphere (known as carbon sequestration). The natural sinks are absorption of carbon dioxide by the oceans via physicochemical and biological processes and photosynthesis by terrestrial plants. While the former is not good, the latter is what keeps us alive. The opposite of which, deforestation is one of the leading causes of adding C02 into the atmosphere in the first place. The reason behind deforestation is large scale agriculture.

Three important numbers to remember:

Learn more at this wonderful scientific website: Welcome to the Anthropocene (era of humans)

That’s it for today!

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