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Spring after a long time..

I know my blog site is primarily for me to share thoughts with here I am inspired by my 2 hour spring hike to take up blogging again. Life got really busy after July 2011 and that’s why I couldn’t blog on a regular basis. Also, once you give up on something no matter how much you believe in it, it’s hard to get back into the habit..but here’s to discipline and thought sharing.

So today’s hike was in a beautiful part of central NJ called the Washington crossing state park. We didn’t cover much ground because of the bad trails (read soggy, muddy and wet) but we did have a lot of fun and what’s more great weather and air. It was led by the Mercer County Wildlife Center and we had a very educated and enthusiastic naturalist hike leader. For example, I learnt why deer hunting is allowed in NJ (because we have an imbalance in the ecosystem with too many deers and not enough predators), I learnt why invasive plants are not good, how to recognize a few and maybe even eat some..check out the pictures here (Flickr).

Overall it was a fun day and I am glad we have places to hike, people to take us on hikes and inspiration to keep it that way! 

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