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Stuff memories are made of- visit to"The Storm King Art Center"

Almost every year; my girl friend Jenny and I get together on both our birthdays or at least either of our birthdays. This year, my birthday gift to her was to take her on a day trip to a place in Catskills called Storm King. I had read about it ironically in a NJ based magazine called ‘Princeton’ and as is my weakness, put it on my ever expanding list of places to visit. Since it was pretty close to NYC, it quickly made its way to the top of the above mentioned list!

On checking their website, I was pleasantly surprised to know they have a bus that goes there conveniently from the Port authority Bust terminal (a 5 mins walk from my apt). Somehow the fact that the bus stop is so close made us leave the apt late and almost miss our bus, but we made it, eventually! The trip there was pretty enough and we were on a bus that stopped en-route at the Woodbury outlet was fun to see a tightly packed bus almost empty all its passengers at this mall and the rest of us (all 4!) got to get down at the serenely stunning and beautiful place called Storm King.

Storm King gets its name from a popular song as well as local legends. Widely celebrated as one of the world’s leading sculpture parks, Storm King Art Center has been in existence for fifty years. It’s about 500-acre  of landscape covered with fields, hills, and woodlands and has sculptures from many famous artists such as Andy Goldsworthy.

My first thought on setting foot there was to remark at how lucky people who live in NYC actually are; to be so close to and conveniently located from such wonderfully idyllic places. Needless to say, we had a very relaxing time with and in nature and I would highly recommend the place, the scones, and the trolley ride. My last thought at the end of day was what an irony to end our peaceful retreat by making a stop at the commercially opposite Woodbury outlet mall! The difference between the two places was like day and night!

Click on this link to see the rest of the pics from the trip.

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