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Sustainability while on the go, and other events at end of Jan 2010

I took the bus from NYC to Boston which is always better than either driving (even with a full car) or taking the train.

I had a really good time in Boston which included watching a movie, visiting a sports bar, meeting friends for indian food one day and sushi the next. (I met both friends after 7+ years)..thanks to facebook and twitter

I also visited my chapel at Kenmore Sq. I stayed over there for lunch and was happy to see that they had started recycling the paper plates used but were still serving in plastic spoons and bowls. In general, we took public transport were possible, reused our paper cups more than once.. We even bought these cute looking utensils that function as spoon, fork and knife..all in one and can probably replace plastic ware a few dozen times..

So, I am happy to report besides having a good time in Boston, I did notice it was possible to trying and be green without making too many compromises.

However, like NYC, Boston doesn’t have recycling bins placed in too many places for people to throw plastic bottles, reusable cups etc. I wish govt. actions would translate into action sooner than later

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Tamanna Mohapatra
Tamanna Mohapatra
May 31, 2018

From Debashis (

Wonderful start Sis. Love ur honesty, simplicity and clarity of thought ,purpose and actions. Thats what good people are made of and u r one helluva nice person. Keep blogging n be sure i’ll be checking up on my lil sis :p

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