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Why we travel

Ask anyone what they enjoy or what their dream life would include and most often the same answer will be heard- I like traveling. If you say you get to travel for work or get a bit done for fun, everyone is jealous of you. So what makes travel so loved?

Certainly not the expenses involved in it, or the long-term planning of booking flights, booking hotels, looking for best air fare. Definitely not the getting to the airport, the airport food, waiting to board, de-board, "fixing of mechanical issues.."In fact, plane travels deserves its own blog piece so let me get back to my original thoughts.

I have already taken two trips this year- first to Madrid, Spain and secondly to Montreal, Canada.

The Spain trip was pretty similar to other European trips- fun in every way but quite predictable- good food, visit a museum, visit a church, visit a garden, do some shopping, some more sightseeing. But, what was unique were its people. So relaxed, so casual, in their own world yet welcoming. That's why we travel- to see differences yet similarities. Is it them who are relaxed or is it us who feel relaxed away from work, daily chores of laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. etc. Maybe a little of both. We both enjoy the days but also know that a different fate awaits us once we get gives us an escape from our routine lives and maybe a better appreciation of it. The warmth of our own bed and pillow, eating a proper nutritious meal, not a meal on the go or multiple rich meals in a day.

The other benefit of travel which I have felt is its power to show ourselves in a new light. We are exposed to new situations that we didn't ever prepare for before. How well do we deal outside our comfort zone? Speaking to strangers, slowing down, walking on new roads, observing and accepting a different culture. For example, when we went to Vienna, we asked the waiter to hurry up as we had to get somewhere by a particular time..#travelgoals and such. He did not appreciate that. We learnt never to repeat that behavior. Or, in Japan where any little purchase you make is accompanied by lots and lots of packaging and plenty of courteous bowing. By the end of the trip, I was bowing to pretty much everyone I saw and met.

I think travel, like dessert is fun when it's taken in small doses and appreciated for its uniqueness and difference from the ordinary. Done too often, it loses its value. Thoughts?

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